23/09/23 The Amici Choir


The choir will present a mixed programme, with a more serious classical music first half and then move to  a lighter mood, including music theatre for the second.   


Amici was founded by John Cole in 1994, and has a reputation for a big but well balanced sound, precision with flexibility and all-round musicianship.  We sing anything!  Our repertoire spans the Middle Ages through to the 21st century accompanied or unaccompanied, devotional religious works to swing, jazz and barbershop.  Many of our members are accomplished solo singers in their own right, but magically have the ability to blend, to produce a solid and smooth choral sound.

The choir has also established a tradition of short overseas tours.  Since its foundation Amici has sung in Italy, France, Belgium, the United States and most recently in the Basque country.

Numbers vary – we have a ‘hard core’ of around 25, but with guest singers can muster up to 40 for major choral works.  The choir is blessed by having two fantastic musical directors – Andrew Trewhella and Gareth Dayus-Jones, both Heads of Music at prestigious local schools.  They share the conducting of concerts and the playing for rehearsals, as well as being pretty good singers themselves.

(We also do weddings!)