Letter from the Chairman

Registered Charity No 283442

Tel: 01458 252448

January 2021

Dear Member, Friend, Supporter

You will not be surprised by this announcement that the concerts scheduled but unpublicised for March and April are cancelled.   It is no more surprising that the Stetson University students who would have performed our free public concert – preliminary to our Friends’ Supper – in May have decided to sit tight in Florida.

We are hoping that vaccination will allow us to return to normality for a full season starting in September but it may be prudent to wait and see how the roll-out progresses.   If those classified as least at risk only get their first jab after May and then have to wait for 12 weeks for the process to be completed, it is conceivable that we shall still be subject to restrictions.

Even though artists are desperate for opportunities to perform – and earn some money – it would be unkind to offer engagements which we might find ourselves unable to fulfil.   For example, if we are still social-distancing, we should make a very small audience and the ambience would be dreadful.   Having no access to loos could be more than inconvenient.

So, for the time being we shall hold back from arranging a programme but we are confident that when the smoke clears we shall be able to arrange our usual compelling opportunities for hearing the most talented musicians in the most agreeable company!

Meanwhile, I ask you to reflect on this.   Your committee is collectively getting old.   New blood is required.   Please consider whether you could help to keep this beacon of culture alight.   If you think you could, please give me or one of the committee a call and find out what might be involved.   A phone call will not commit you to anything but you may well find that your modesty about your abilities is entirely unfounded.   We are not a committee of accomplished musicians!

With best wishes for your health and well-being,

Malcolm Cotterill


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