Curry Rivel Music in 2020

Dear Member, Friend or Supporter,

You will not be surprised to know that we have reluctantly concluded that it will not be possible to resume our programme of concerts before the New Year.

Our programme for the season was planned and fixed a very long time ago and it grieves us that we are letting down not only our loyal audience but also those artists – frequently newly launched – upon whom the financial impact of the coronavirus has been enormous for many months.   We suspect that very few qualify for any state support.

Normally by this time we would have sent out details of the programme with an invitation to sign up for membership but, since what is on offer is so very uncertain, there is no question of your being asked to subscribe to concerts which may never take place or indeed, to anything else.   Moreover, we are well aware that many of you were short-changed at the end of last season.   Adjustments will be made in due course.

When that “due course” will permit a return to an approximation of normality remains uncertain.   Nevertheless, Curry Rivel Music continues to be committed to its objectives of providing first-class music in the heart of Somerset.   We hope to be in touch again before long with better news.

Meanwhile, we hope you remain well and cheerful.

With best wishes

Malcolm Cotterill


On behalf of the Committee of Curry Rivel Music

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