This Saturday: The Castalian Quartet

We get our next helping of world-class music in Curry Rivel this Saturday, 14th April, at 7 p.m. in St Andrew’s church, as usual.

This time, we have a string quartet. See here for the programme and more information.

So here’s a thing; suppose you wanted a bit of top-quality culture, and you were going to treat the family (let’s say two adults and two children). You could go up to London next week and see the Castalian Quartet in the Wigmore Hall. That will cost you £38 each for the best seats plus a £2 booking fee. The train fares are going to cost you £396 (!), and you aren’t going to get back the same night, so you’ll need a hotel; £90 if you’re not too fussy. All adding up to £564, and you haven’t bought your evening meal yet.

Or, you could come along to the pretty much the same concert in the village on Saturday, where it will cost you and your partner £12 each, and the kids will be free. You can have dinner before you come out, a nice glass of wine in the interval, a chance to chat with the musicians, and there’ll still be time for a pint in The Firehouse after. In total, the London option will be 24 times more expensive and a lot more hassle.

You’d be daft not to, I reckon.



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